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Firm History and Symbol

In 1989, I. Mark Stillman and Terry M. McGregor started their association in an association of independent law practices. The two decided to become partners, and in 1993, McGregor Stillman was formed.

From 1993 onward, the firm grew from a firm that served local businesses and conducted civil and criminal litigation to a firm with senior counsel serving all types of businesses, individual clients and referrals from other law firms. McGregor Stillman handled all types of civil and commercial litigation and appeared in all levels of Alberta Courts. The firm also provided arbitration services.

In 2001, the partnership incorporated and became McGregor Stillman LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

In 2002, McGregor Stillman LLP grew to include Richard D. Smith as a partner, who added a significant family law and enhanced general litigation aspect to the firm.

In 2006, McGregor Stillman LLP welcomed Christopher G. Hoose as a partner, who proceeded through the ranks as a student researcher, articling student and associate with the firm.

On September 20, 2006, one of the founding partners, Terry McGregor, retired from the practice of law, ending a distinguished 24-year career. Terry’s leadership and guidance have been instrumental in the growth of the firm and its reputation within the legal community and the public at large.

In 2007, McGregor Stillman LLP welcomed Gregory R. Bentz as a partner, who proceeded through the ranks as a student researcher, articling student and associate with the firm.

On January 1, 2008, the firm changed its name to Stillman LLP.

On January 1, 2015, Stillman LLP welcomed Erik L. Bruveris as a partner. Erik started his Alberta law career with the firm in 2009.

On January 1, 2016, Stillman LLP welcomed Ara L. McKee as a partner. Ara started in 2010 as an articling student and proceeded through the ranks as an associate with the firm.

Currently, the firm consists of 6 partners, 5 associates, an articling student and many very able support staff members.

The Stillman LLP Symbol

The Stillman LLP logo is an oak tree, but not just any oak; it is the legendary and revered Treaty Oak tree, under which the Republic of Texas joined the United States. The tree stands for independence, strength and stability, all of which are qualities that Stillman LLP believes are essential for a law firm to represent in order to promote its clients’ interests.

The oak tree, of course, is very symbolic on its own and has been used for hundreds of years by the legal community to describe law. In particular, in the twelfth century, Johannes Bassanius described the many “branches” of laws as those of an oak tree, related, intertwined, but connected by a common body.

The oak tree is thought of as hard and unbending, but growing and adapting over time to its environment – change, though gradual, is imminent. The Canadian Constitution has often been referred to as a living tree, one that is not stagnant, but rather, one that grows and adapts to the times.

With this symbolism in mind, Stillman LLP considers the strong reference to law and the strength and independence associated with the oak tree as the ideal symbol for the firm.

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